Creating stairs is a bit like sewing a custom made beautiful dress. Attention should be taken on specific measurements, but above all, giving shape to the client’s idea, making the final product unique and costumed to the client taste. What distinguishes the Spedaliere srl is just that, the development of costumed stairs with uniqueness and art, made with skill and passion by our highly qualified technical staff who are always ready to listen the customer’s needs, even during the process of building the costumed stairs. Spedaliere srl offers a product that can keep up with times and we work with materials such as wood, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, plexiglass, and others, without thereby disturbing the elegance of the architecture of each home.

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How we work
Work quality is what distinguishes the Spedaliere from other competitors, who have satisfied many of its customers, and they take greatest pride in this.
All products that come out of the laboratory are subjected to the alert and attentive technicians and customers themselves, invited to view their own stairs being built or near to completion, which, given the quality of the workmanship, does not need any further action following the first installation.

the classic wooden style crosses with the modern style, is sometimes difficult to combine, Spedaliere has created stairs to mix and blend the classic with modern with intriguing and innovative fashions also using fascinating games of lights and transparencies. Each element also may change over the years, so as to eliminate the signs of time or meet the changing tastes of the customer, without damaging the style of the stairs.
The customer is involved in every phase of the process, after an inspection and the taking of measurements, the selection of the style is done and then the selection of materials, then the proceeding of the costumed stairs begins.
The client will also carry out an inspection while the stairs are being made, in case there are any changes to be made if necessary , modeling the staircase to your personal taste. A service that can be also offered to those clients that can not come to company’s headquarters, is Skype call, so that the client is able to see the work being done.

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