Scale retrattili

You can have this type of stairs as standard production or personalised, in any case cheap and durable. There are many optional extras for example double banisters, motorised and double roof that perfectly hides the stairs.  This stairs is a perfect alternative to the normal stairs in a house.  With minimum use of space for a trapdoor this stairs can be hidden within the ceiling.

The Spedaliere Company builds skylights with electronic control for any roof. The skylight could have electrical switch, security net, personalised lock, rubber trimming, anti noise, channel for water.  The skylights are completed with a cover of polycarbonate which protects from UV rays.  Spedaliere Company experience with the stairs works very well  the problem of skylights.

The Spedaliere Company was founded by Giuseppe Spedaliere in 1914 and from the beginning is located in the port area of Naples on Via Ponte della Maddalena .  The factory was based on the experience of Pasquale Spedaliere the father of Giuseppe that was an expert worker of wood and iron.  At the beginning all the machines functioned with the same one engine.  Thanks to the location in the port area the factory built a lot of crates for the ships but the most requested job was to fix wooden stairs.  From this necessity The Spedaliere Company concentrated its activities on making stairs for every use.  In 1965 the new generation represented by Alexander Spedaliere making the company a leader in this sector that added interior stairs entering in a new market never explored in Southern Italy.

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