Scale da libreria

The library is part of some scale in a particular category , since it is used by only in certain environments , identified by the use that most of those who intend to use the space they offer for the installation of the same scale . The Spedaliere s.r.l produces various types of stairs from the library , following in the course of those who are working with the contractor , thus bringing out a product that meets its full taste. Depending on the room in which the means to proceed with the installation, Spedaliere offers models ranging from the minichiocciole leaning ladders and sliding down the stairs to the tower . The expression scale of library calls in many an older , yellowed , making frequent reference , especially in the case of stairs to the tower, the old State Archives . One of the main features of the Spedaliere Ltd. however, is to know how to merge the past quality with modern taste , through intriguing shapes and a choice of materials not limited to just wood , providing solutions in steel, aluminum , plexiglass and all mixed up.

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